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Check completed at: 2016-01-14, 13:42
Number of checked pages: 9
Site score: 100


Please note that the automatic score is based on tests carried out automatically. About 20% of the conceivable tests can be automated, and the tool covers a part of these tests. The score from user tests are based on a limited set of questions and will also not cover all possible tests. Therefore, the evaluated pages may contain barriers not reported by any of the tools. For reference see the list of. currently implemented tests. Full disclaimer.

Checked Pages for site:
Rank Page Address Page Score
1 / No tests failed 100
2 /hafa-samband No tests failed 100
3 /spurt-og-svarad No tests failed 100
4 /synikennsla/nytt-2 No tests failed 100
5 /synikennsla/stulka-med-perlueyrnalokka No tests failed 100
6 /synikennsla/rjupan Few tests failed 100
7 /synikennsla Few tests failed 100
8 /synikennsla/ Few tests failed 100
9 /synikennsla/operuhusid-i-sidney Few tests failed 98