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Please note that the automatic score is based on tests carried out automatically. About 20% of the conceivable tests can be automated, and the tool covers a part of these tests. The score from user tests are based on a limited set of questions and will also not cover all possible tests. Therefore, the evaluated pages may contain barriers not reported by any of the tools. For reference see the list of. currently implemented tests. Full disclaimer.

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Test Detail: Use alt on img elements (H37)

(Test for Success Criterion 1.1.1: Non-text Content:)

Verification required img has alt (7 occurences)

Test Detail: Use of Color (SC1-4-1-a)

(Test for Success Criterion 1.4.1: Use of Color)

Verification required Suitable difference between the attributes of link and the surrounding text. (79 occurences)

Test Detail: Use of pointing-device-specific only event handlers (F54)

(Test for Success Criterion 2.1.1: Keyboard)

Verification required Using only pointing-device-specific event handlers for a function (1 occurrence)
  1. Path: <not available>
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    <a id="webreaderContainer_link" style="display:none;text-decoration:none !important;float:right !important;width:167px !important;" href="javascript:Webreader.read(0)" onclick="void(0)" target="_self"><span id="webreaderContainer_stbutton" style="float:right !important;background:#ffffff url(http://static.iwebreader.com/wr/webreader/wrdark.png) 0px 0px !important;height:18px !important;border:1px solid #dddddd !important;padding:0px !important;margin:0px !important;text-align:center !important;text-decoration:none !important;vertical-align:top !important;text-decoration:none !important;color:#272727 !important;font-family:Arial !important;font-weight:bold !important;font-size:12px !important;line-height:18px !important;cursor:pointer !important;-moz-border-radius:4px !important;-webkit-border-radius:4px !important;border-radius:4px !important;outline:none !important;vertical-align:top !important;"><span id="webreaderContainer_text" style="width:93px !important;float:left !important;text-decoration:none !important;text-transform:none !important;padding: 0px 12px 0px 8px !important;margin:0px !important;line-height:18px !important;"><canvas id="webreaderContainer_pcanvas" style="float:left !important;padding: 0px !important;margin:0px !important;" width="22" height="22" />Hlusta<span id="webreaderContainer_accessibility" style="position:fixed !important;top:-9999px !important;height:1px !important;width:1px !important;overflow:hidden !important;"> iWebreader. Ýttu á enter til að hefja lestur</span></span> … </span> … </a>

Test Detail: Provide descriptive titles for web pages (F25)

(Test for Success Criterion 2.4.2: Page Titled)

Verification required Please check the title of the page (1 occurrence)

Test Detail: Provide descriptive headings (G130)

(Test for Success Criterion 2.4.6: Headings and Labels)

Verification required Please check the heading (20 occurences)

Test Detail: Primary language of page (SC3-1-1-html)

(Test for Success Criterion 3.1.1: Language of Page)

Verification required Primary language detected correctly (1 occurrence)

Test Detail: Languages within the body (SC3-1-2-lang)

(Test for Success Criterion 3.1.2: Language of Parts)

Verification required Correct lang attributes (1 occurrence)

Test Detail: Provide a submit button to initiate a change of context (H32)

(Test for Success Criterion 3.2.2: On Input)

Verification required Please check that implicit changes of context are described (1 occurrence)

Test Detail: Label groups of form elements (H71)

(Test for Success Criterion 3.3.2: Labels or Instructions)

Verification required The form seems to be structured correctly (1 occurrence)

Test Detail: Define ids for elements (SC4-1-1-id)

(Test for Success Criterion 4.1.1: Parsing)

Verification required The ID is valid (24 occurences)

Test Detail: Reference elements (SC4-1-1-idref)

(Test for Success Criterion 4.1.1: Parsing)

Verification required Element referenced correctly (1 occurrence)

Test Detail: Provide role name for div/span with event handler (F59)

(Test for Success Criterion 4.1.2: Name, Role, Value)

Verification required div or span has role name (52 occurences)

Test Detail: Accessible name for image links (F89)

(Test for Success Criterion 4.1.2: Name, Role, Value)

Verification required Link name is provided (6 occurences)