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Access to national law is an important cornerstone in a digital democracy. The EU's Publications Office has jointly with national governments compiled an overview of national law databases. We have carried out automated tests to get an indication of the accessibility to national law websites for people with disabilities across Europe.

The checks have been carried out for 28 national law databases. They are the 27 of the 28 provided by the EU's Publications Office and the Norwegian national law website. We have not yet been able to produce a score for the Romanian website due to a technical issue with the checker.

The checks were performed automatically with the Tingtun Checker and covers around 600 pages from each site, and 47 tests.

The results indicate that Austria has the most accessible website for national law among those tested in Europe. This site also provide PDF-documents and Microsoft Word documents In addition to web pages for the user to choose from. The Austrian site are followed by the Estonian and the Spanish websites in second and third place. We did not find any barriers on most of the pages we checked on these three sites.

The Scandinavian countries are included among the 10 best sites apart from the Norwegian one ranked number 20. We note that the sites in Sweden (5) and Finland (6) have good accessibility while the Danish site (10) has some barriers. On the Norwegian site we found issues regarding colour contrast and the ability to support zooming and scaling of the pages.

The full list of results from the automatically checked national law websites contains details about the checked pages and the results from all the applied tests.

Please note that the websites may have been updated since the check and there may be additional accessibility issues we are not able to detect with automated checks. For more information about the test please refer to


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