The results of these checker tools are provided for informational use only, and are based on an automated assessment and in some cases on user testing of the web page to rate its accessibility for users with disabilities. When it is based purely on automatic testing it covers only a subset of the possible tests derived from WCAG 2.0 - the remaining ones would need assessment by human experts. In addition web page compliance with such accessibility guidelines doesn't necessarily guarantee a successful experience for each web site visitor.

The system that produces the data has bugs, flaws, and omissions, both known and unknown.

Thus, the data may not be reliable, and there is no warranty for its accuracy and completeness. Tingtun and its partnering institutions in the EIII project offer no warranty and make no claim of usability or merchantability and cannot be held responsible for any damages, even in the case of negligence. You must bear the entire legal liability for damages stemming from your use or distribution of the data.

Please note that the score is based on tests carried out automatically. About 20% of the conceivable tests can be automated, and the EIII tool covers a part of these tests. Therefore, the evaluated pages may contain barriers not found by the EIII checkers. For reference see the list of currently implemented tests, and the list of specified tests.