Natural Language [WCAG.PDF.16]

Test Basis (WCAG 2.0)

Technique URL (WCAG 2.0)

Why this maybe a Barrier

If the natural language of a document is not known, users of screen reading software such as blind people or people with reading difficulties, will encounter problems. The pronunciation of the text might be distorted for example if a Norwegian text is read with English pronunciation.

WCAG 1.0 Reference

4.1 “Clearly identify changes in the natural language of a document's text and any text equivalents (e.g., captions). [Priority 1]”

WCAG 1.0 Checkpoint 4.1

WCAG 2.0 Reference

3.1.1 Language of Page “The default human language of each Web page can be programmatically determined. (Level A)”

WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria 3.1.1